“Landscape Plotted and Pieced” Greetings Card


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Beautiful, quality art prints on greetings cards to send to loved ones for any occasion.

“Landscape Plotted and Pieced” is the title of this painting, and is taken from a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins called “Pied Beauty”. Says Sandy,

“It’s one of my favourite poems. It talks about how the landscape is a teeming composite of textures, patterns, colours, movement and light.

“When I went to my stack of canvases to start a new painting, I found that one had a bit of a rip in it, and since the canvas was quite big, I didn’t want to waste it, so I glued a patch of canvas to the front and another to the back of the rip, (actually making it stronger than it was before!) which then led me to reconsider what I wanted to paint.

“I thought of Hopkins’ poem, which made me think of all the country walks we have taken in our beautiful countryside, especially in Autumn. I have often returned home with my mind filled with images of falling leaves, blue distances, bare branches, cawing rooks and crows and the feeling that under the earth there is a hidden secret world where countless myriads of roots delve down into the earth, drawing up water and nutrients from the soil, with a huge network of fungal strands which connect the roots of different trees together, enabling them to “talk” to each other.

“So I wanted the painting to reflect the patchwork of images stored in the memory, of a country walk in Autumn.
The painting is mixed media, employing oil paint and elements of collage such as tissue paper, real leaves and a crow’s feather.”

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A6: 4-1/8" x 5-7/8" / 105 x 148mm


Country Lane in Spring

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